Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Journey Begins!

Electric Trainstorm shares a passion for the determination, tenacity and steeled strength that governs the realm of railroads. We celebrate America's railroading's history and future while sharing our experience of the great trains of today, both model and real. Join us on a journey through an industrialized society and an unbounded wilderness that combines both sentiment and adventure.
My journey started with my parents who worked for the Union Pacific and met on one of the company's passenger trains.  My father was a signalman and my mother was a railway clerk.  One of the early Christmas presents I received from them was an S Gauge American Flyer electric train set by the A. C. Gilbert Company.  Dad proceeded to build an 8' x 4' train table in our basement and we were soon up and running in a figure 8 track set.  I still have the 21130 Hudson locomotive and caboose from that very first electric train.

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